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1 Production with advanced technology

Yohe has always been a leader in R & D Investment in R & D (R & D) enables us to do two things: innovate and surpass our competitors, while breaking the rules and becoming the benchmark for helmets in the motorcycle market.

Yohe's technicians, engineers and designers play a passion and innovative spirit, and try their best to obtain high-quality products.

Our responsibility is to work with our customers - your satisfaction is our goal.

We operate in the global market, as long as there are Yohe users, we will try our best to meet your needs.

2 Accurate assembly

The final assembly of the helmet is performed by a technician who follows the EPS and maintains a strict assembly process for the belt and sunshade.

Finally, add comfort coating and instructions. Before packaging and transportation, each helmet has final quality control.

3 Quality control

Each helmet is thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and safety is of the utmost importance. A large number of tests were carried out on the outer shell and EPS to check the absorption of the impact.

We also verify that each model meets or exceeds the standard tests required by the target country. These can be cepe, dot, BSI, Snell or UK sharp tests.