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Warning & Tips
Warning & Tips

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1. Clean the inside of the helmet

    After long-term use of the helmet, its internal often have dirt accumulation, and odors. In case of such a situation, it should be cleaned. Cleaning agent used in neutral as well, use the shampoo is better. To avoid detergents leave a smell, it should control its usage. When brushing inside the helmet, do not use excessive force. Otherwise, make the buffer material deformation, the loss of its buffering function.

    After the clean, wipe the moisture with a towel or paper towel and placed in ventilated place to dry naturally, avoid using a hair dryer.

2.Maintenance helmet surface

    Compared inside the helmet, the helmet surface easier to dirt, wipe the surface and therefore is often done. When the case of smudged helmet, first wipe the stain with a damp cloth, then clean the car with water, wax or polishing wax rubbed, so that the helmet clean and bright. It can also be used helmets special polishes, its better results.

3. Maintenance of the helmet goggles

    Because goggles are transparent devices, to be extra careful when you wipe. Goggles when cleaning with neutral detergent added to the water after hand scrub, then water thoroughly washed, and then use a soft cotton cloth or paper towel to wipe the water on. Finally, wipe its outside surface with water wax or anti-static agent, which can reduce the adhesion of dust and accelerate the flow of rainwater. The inside of the goggles, should be coated with anti-fogging agent, which in the evening to reduce mist attachment has an important role. Of course, in the rain to lay down their goggles driving, we should also pay attention to breathing method to reduce fog on the mirror.